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MKW manufactures and installs custom vehicle shelving, drawer units, partitions and accessories in all types of vehicles, including full size cargo vans, pickup trucks, cube vans, and trailers.

All of our work is to the highest standards of quality and safety. We are certified by the government of Canada with our National Safety Mark.

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MKW are proud members and supporters of multiple fleet and trades organizations.

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Our trade specific packages have been designed for efficiency and ease of use. We’ve made the tools you use most often accessible and organized. Browse options below and select based on your line of work.

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Your customers expect you to provide value and quality on a schedule that meets their needs. You need an outfitter that can do the same for you.

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Whether you have 2 vehicles or 200, you expect a quality vehicle outfitting solution tailored to suit your specific needs. MKW has been servicing companies large and small for over 30 years.

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