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Max Rack 2.0 Passenger Side Retrofit Kit – 18-U1810


Max Rack 2.0 drop down ladder rack: Passenger Side Retrofit Kit. Model: 18-U1810

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Why Ranger Roof Racks?

Ranger roof racks allow for maximum usage of your interior cargo area and increase efficiency when loading/unloading equipment. Ergonomically designed to help you avoid injury, Ranger roof and ladder racks are rust-proof and aerodynamic. Popular with electricians and HVAC contractors, these roof racks require only a few hours of assembly and install.

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Max Rack 2.0 drop down ladder rack: Passenger Side Retrofit Kit. Model: 18-U1810

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Dimensions 101.9 × 35.8 × 16.32 cm




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Ranger Shelving

VS. The Competition

Ranger Design shelving units outperform the competition. In their construction, durability and design, they provide a superior product for commercial use.

Here’s a closer look at their features.

Lightweight design
Extruded aluminum shelves for extreme strength
Composite shelf bottom for greater noise reduction
3″ standard shelf lip to prevent parts spillage
Adjustable rattle-free dividers
Angled end panel for a tight fit
Standard shelf height for high-roof van62″56″60″54″
Product Warranty*10 years3 years3 yearsNo Warranty
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