MKW manufactures and installs custom vehicle shelving, drawer units, partitions and accessories in all types of vehicles, including full size cargo vans, Sprinter vans, cube vans, and trailers.

We offer a full line of vehicle partitions designed to separate the driver area from the cargo compartment. Partitions can be customized for specific customer needs.

Clear Top Partition: for visibility into the storage area of your vehicle while keeping the climate controlled in the driving area.

Screen Top Partition: for visibility into the storage area of your vehicle while allowing some air distribution into the back compartment.

Hinged Partition: with a locking door to enable access to the cargo area from the cab of the vehicle. Also available as a sliding door for most high roof models.

Contoured Partition: Most partitions are available in either straight or contoured. Contoured partitions typically allow the seat to be reclined in the cab for greater operator comfort.

Partition Cut out: All partitions can be supplied with a cut out – for storing longer materials in your cargo area while still maintaining load security.

All Ladder Racks are powder coated aluminum and have stainless hardware for maximum life and wearability.

Single Lock Down: Available in 6 and 8 ft.

Single Lock Down with Step Ladder Kit: Available in 6 and 8 ft.

Single Side Drop Down: Ladder racks designed for medium and high roof vans. Brings the ladders down the side so they are accessible from the ground.

Double Side Drop Down: All the same features of the drop down rack, designed for two ladders. One on each side.

Linings and insulation can be applied to any combination of wall, ceiling, or floor.

Roxul Insulation: To help conserve heat in your cargo area. Also reduces sound transmission.

Core-Plast Lining:To prevent wayward materials from denting the side of your vehicle.

Plywood Lining: Durable and versatile, it also works well for hanging hooks and accessories on the wall.

FRP Lining:: For a clean, durable lining in trailer applications, this is a superior product.

We have a full line of vehicle flooring templates for a wide variety of vans, trucks, and trailers. We can custom tailor flooring to fit the contour of any make and model of vehicle.

Plywood Flooring:The most popular choice for the trades. It is easy on your knees and can be changed if it wears out or something is spilled on it.

Plywood Flooring with Rhino:Our custom cut plywood floor, sprayed with Rhino Linings to coat and protect. Increases traction while protecting your floor from moisture, dirt and anything else you might spill, track or drop on it.

Ranger Flooring:Ranger flooring is a durable, perfect fit product with Aluminum sills at the doors as well as aluminum tracks for mounting shelving to.

A full line of our standard and highly customizable shelving is available in galvanized steel or aluminum to fit all sizes and types of vans, trucks or trailers. We also carry and install the complete line of Ranger Design shelving.

Ranger Pro-Line Shelving: The top of the line shelf. Made of aluminum to save weight while maintaining durability. The high end finish is sure to impress your customers and co-workers.

Available as individual units or preset configurations based on your van and occupation.

Galvanized Shelving: The bread and butter of our shelving. Made in house our galvanized shelving is easy to work with and offers incredible customization.

This versatile vehicle shelving has many available options, including bins, doors and various drawer configurations.

We can provide any combination of 2 drawer to 18 drawer clusters, as well as design custom units made to your specifications.

18 Drawer Unit: Available installed on its own or in the shelving of a cargo van.

2, 3 or 4 Drawer Unit: Various combinations of large and small drawers available.

2, 3, and 18 Drawer UnitBank of 2, 3, and 18 drawer units and many other combinations available.

We supply and install a full line of amber and blue safety lighting and offer custom mounting solutions to light up your vehicle inside and out. We have a licensed electrical mechanic on staff to oversee all your 12 volt needs.

Mini Bar: Compact, Sleek looking safety lighting available in blue, orange or a combination of both in one light.

Beacon: The classic safety light. Available in large sizes and low profile.

Traffic Directors: Compact traffic directors with multiple directions and flash patterns.  Controlled from in the cab.

Traffic Arrows: Large and almost impossible to miss.  Perfect for vehicles that park on the side of the road.

Go Light: Remote controlled spotlight.  Available as a permanent mount or a magnetic mount.

Interior LightingVarious LED lights available to light up the interior of your van.  Great whether you work in the back of the vehicle or just want to be able to find your supplies easier.

We supply and install power inverters, auxiliary batteries and a full line of 12 volt products. We can also setup your van with 120 volt electrical. Great for overhead lighting or charging tools and laptops. Your van can be run off a power inverter, or we can wire in a shore power plug to use available power at the job site.
We are constantly updating our available products line.

We can also custom build to your specifications, saving you time and money. Please submit our [GET A QUOTE] form, and one of our sales people will be in touch with you shortly.